Some work I did for a friend’s short story ideas! Its nice to take a break and do work like this that’s more conceptual than thought out. 


Samples of #Storyboards (part 1) from “The Road to El Dorado”, done in Paris in my late studio Bibo Films, with the talented Sylvain Deboissy.

I think it was around 1996. Dreamworks was at a very early stage of pre-production at the time. What a great time it was! This was the very start of a long and fruitful relationship with Dreamworks. 


I have been continuously asked about what kind of brushes do I use and where did I get them. Well, I didn’t get them anywhere.

I decided to make this video as a proof that standard photoshop brushes can work as well as any special custom set.

Sorry guys, it’s in russian.


I spent last week in Brazil - São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Búzios.

In Rio, we had the amazing opportunity to walk through a favela that has been recently pacified. (“Pacification” is, essentially, the establishment of police units in favelas to drive out gangs and drug traffickers.) The stacked and squeezed buildings reminded me of the way San Francisco looks from outside the city, each unit a colorful little box that feels like a giant could just reach down and pull it open like a dresser drawer.

I loved Rio. The city is already gorgeous during the day, but it really comes alive at night, when the lights come on and create tiny stars on the horizon.

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